Course Maps

This year the course is centered around Mayer, Minnesota on the Dakota Rail Trail. The trail is a paved asphalt 10 ft wide route built to follow the old rail line as it goes west from the Twin Cities.

The western end of the course will be just west of mile 28 in Lester Prairie. The eastern end will be near milepost 18 east of Mayer.

All distances start from the High School.

Because it is built on an old railroad right-of-way, there are no hills. There are several gradual changes in elevation. Course high point is 303 meters, the low point is 297 meters.

There is no camber (side to side slope), making the course easier on the ankles.

Google Map Link – We Walk Marathon Course


Half Marathon Course

The half marathon course of 13.1 miles is an out and back course to the west of Mayer. It will proceed from the Mayer Lutheran High School to the Dakota Rail Trail. It goes west to about trail milepost 27 and then returns to the finish line along the same route. The maps below have a white arrow at each trail milepost.

Marathon Course

The marathon course of 26.2 miles starts at the High School. Marathoners and 50km walkers go out 13.1 miles to Lester Prairie, then turn and follow the half marathon back. From the starting line there is a short leg to the trail. Walkers then go east to the trail milepost 18 turn. They then go back west towards Lester Prairie and trail milepost 28. On reaching about trail milepost 28.5 they turn back on the same route to the finish at the High School. Water stops on the western leg are W1 to W4. There is one water stop in the middle of the eastern leg, E1

50 km Course

The 50 km course is the same as the marathon course with the addition of an additional 4 km out and back loop before leaving the trail to the finish line at the High School. 

Since you start and finish with the marathoners, somewhere we have to make you walk an additional 7805.012 meters. You will make a turn back on the course for the additional distance just before the marathon finish line.

If you decide to not walk the additional distance to make 50km, that is fine. Just tell the people at the finish line that you did not take the 50km loop. We will change your event.

10 km Course

The 10 km starts from the High School following the short leg to the trail. On the trail the 10 km turns east towards milepost 18 and then returns back 5 km to the finish line at the High School

The Mayer Lutheran High School start and finish is in the parking lot.

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