Schedule of Events

In 2021, our event schedule is quite different from previous years, and probably different from any race you have been part of. The changes are to reduce or eliminate waiting (and hence opportunities to not social distance).

Each person will be assigned a time to appear at packet pickup. We will send you this time via e-mail. Please try to come at your designated time. Wait in your car if you are early. Come right on in if you are late.

You will pickup your bib number, safety pins and t-shirt. As soon as you have pinned your bib number on, proceed directly to the start line. At the start line, we will be doing continual staggered (and hence socially distant) starts.

Packet PickupAt your designated time on Saturday, September 18, enter thru the north door of Mayer Lutheran High School, 305 5th St NE, Mayer, MN 55360. Park in any space in the parking lot away from the start/finish line.
Marathon & 50k — your time will be 6:45am or later
Half Marathon — your time will be 7:45am or later
10k — your time will be 8:45am or later
Race StartAfter pinning your bib number on, proceed to the start. We will be running continuous staggered starting. No Waiting.