from Justin

“I’ve never told this story before to any of you organizers, but this event has been an important part of my life.  I had a stroke in April 2017 at the age of 37.  When I got out of the hospital, I made it my goal to walk a half marathon someday.  So, I looked online for somewhere in Minnesota (I’m in Rochester) that might have such an event and I found you guys.  So, I made it my goal as a part of recovery to walk your half marathon in 2018.  And I made that goal!  So I have been coming every year since doing some sort of event (whether half, full, or 10k every year since).  Anyway, I would say you guys were extremely instrumental in my stroke recovery and I get kind of emotional about this event every year because it’s meant so much to me.  Anyway, all that to say thank you!  I appreciate you guys putting this on so much!  Will you please pass along my thanks to the other organizers as well?  You guys do such a great job!  Thank you so much!  Looking forward to the event this year.

From Amy

” I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the work that you put into the event today. I was thoroughly impressed with how well this event was put together. This was my first marathon and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have participated in numerous 5k events and never has one of those gone nearly as smoothly as this one did. 

I’m sure there were hiccups for you organizers – nothing ever seems to go off without a hitch. But if there were any difficulties they most certainly weren’t noticed by me. 

I had a great deal of fun and I’m so glad I participated. Can’t wait until next year! 

Kudos to you!”

from Jami
“We did the walk this morning and loved it!  I had a few people ask where the money goes towards can you let me know! I can’t seem to find that! “

the answer :

The money is pretty much eaten up by the event itself. 
It goes towards park/government permits, portaPotties along the route, medical aid ambulance support, water stop food/beverage, t-shirts, finisher medals/patches etc..
We use an event timing company for finish times.

We do pay the organization that provides the water stop volunteers. Last year they all came from the Mayer Lutheran High School. That is the only group that resembles a charity. 
The four main organizers are unpaid volunteers. Our friends help us at the finish line. 

from Joan

“My family has been participating in marathons since the 70s. So, I know how difficult putting on such an event can be. I respect you guys for creating and continuing an event that allows us slow-pokes to participate without the stress of worrying that we’ll be hustled into a course-sweeping van or detoured onto another route because we’re behind a 6-hour speed.

That said – I apologies, but I can’t help but give my input.

Positives of your new route: Only 1 major road crossing. All on a well maintained “rail trail”. No buses needed. Up and back allows 1/2 as many aide stations, since same tables can be used in both directions. Participating friends and family members can cheer each other on when they pass each other going in opposite direction. (Saves money and man power, and is a bit safer because almost no roads)

Negatives — No bars to nip into on route. Participating friends and family members can taunt and ridicule  each other when they pass going in opposite direction. Some people are predisposed to the belief that up and back courses are less enjoyable than loops or point-to-point. Even though seeing the views from the other direction can be like a new route.  

(None really because walkers can carry beer in packs…or hide them in the bushes the night before)Keep fighting the fight — we walkers appreciate a marathon that focuses on the mileage not the speed. Shame I didn’t find your website sooner