Everyone Walks

Everyone Walks. It is just a question of how soon and how much.

The We Walk! Marathon started in 2009 on the Lake Wobegon Trail in Central Minnesota. This year’s event is on the Dakota Rail Trail, on the southwestern edge of the Twin Cities starting in Mayer, MN. All distances are out-and-back on a friendly, flat, rail-to-trail course with generous time limits for walkers. 

Join us Saturday September 28, 2024.

We welcome full-time walkers (ordinary walkers, fitness walkers, power walkers, nordic walkers, race walkers, hikers), full-time wheelers (self-propelled and chairs with pushers), walk/runners, and even full-time runners.   

This event is targeted at athletes that would be in the middle to the back of the pack in a big city marathon. We start the slowest people first, and the fastest people last. Everyone is a first-class participant.

One unusual feature of this event is that we have a speed limit of 10:18 minutes per mile. Your result will show a minimum pace of 10:18/mile (with corresponding finish time). So, if you finish in 2:10:00 for the marathon, we will report it in the results as 4:30:00. We recommend that if you are fast, find another event.

For the marathon and the 50km, the time limit is 9 hours – from the 7am start to 4pm course close. That means you have to maintain a pace of about 20 min/mile for the marathon or 18 min/mile for 50km.

For the half marathon, the time limit is 8 hours – from the 8 am start to the 4 pm course close. That means you have to maintain a pace of about 36 min/mile.

For the 10km, the time limit is 7 hours – from the 9am start to the 4pm course close. That means you have to maintain a pace of about 67 min/mile.

We will continue the streamlining starting plan from the Covid days of staggered starting, streamlined packet pickup, refund policy, and other important details.

We are planning to hold the event unless circumstances change in the Minnesota Covid Regulations that prohibit it. Please check the Last Minute Updates page as the race data approaches.