Last Minute Updates

Please check here for further info as Race Day approaches.

Thanks for registering for the 2024 edition of the We Walk! Marathon.

Our race is a little different than most, because we use a schmooze start instead of a defined starting time. You have the freedom to pick when you start. You have the responsibility to give yourself enough time to complete your distance. The course is open for a total of 9 hours from 7am-4pm.

Here is how it works.

You pickup your packet any time you want from 6:30am to 9:15am on Saturday morning at Mayer Lutheran High School (enter by the flags in front). If there is a line for packet pickup, please give priority to those that have a longer distance than you.

Our recommended times for packet pickup:

              6:30am – 50k

              6:45am – 5+ hour marathoners

              7:45am – less than 5 hour marathoners

              7:45am – half marathoners

              8:45am – 10k

Once you have checked in, got your bib number, pins, t-shirt, and checked out the course map, you can go back to your car and get ready to start.  

Pin your bib number to the front of your shirt. Please use one pin in each corner. Don’t worry if it is covered by a jacket or rain gear. Just be prepared to flash your bib number at the start/finish/lap line and at water stops.

If you want to do the race with others, including people that are doing longer or shorter distances than you, that is fine … start when the people you are walking/running with come to the start line, or come back for their second or third lap.

The start/finish/lap line is near the southwest corner of the school in the parking lot.

The course opens at 7am. No one can start earlier than 7am.

If you plan on going faster than 10:20/mile do not go to the start line before 8am. Why? Because the water stops open at 10:20/mile pace (about 4.5 hours for a marathon). By waiting until 8am, all of the water stops will be open when you get there – and even starting at 8am, you’ll be done well before the course closes at 4pm.

Our recommended starting times:

7am – 50km people and marathoners expect to take 5 hours or more

8am – half marathoners and marathoners faster than 5 hours

9am – 10km people

When you are ready to start, come with your group to the starting line, and …. Start. No waiting (unless you are earlier than 7am).

We use chip timing for reporting results. We record the time when you start, at various points on the course, and when you return to the start/finish/lap line.  This is why we don’t need to have everyone clustered at the starting line for the starting gun to go off.

The course closes at 4pm.

See you at the start line!



When you live in the woods, remember to Check 4 Ticks