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“I was just wondering if you have ever cancelled or rescheduled due to weather.”

No, so far we have never cancelled or delayed the event for weather conditions. Due to the various permits for the event and other logistics we would not postpone to another day.

======== 3/19/2020 ===============

COVID-19 Update – At this time we are planning to hold the event. This may change due to the risks from the COVID-19 epidemic. We will follow the evolving recommendations from the health authorities.

========= 5/19/2020 ==============

We are making modifications in the courses and the event to provide safer distancing between walkers. All drinks and snacks will be prepackaged in sealed containers. The race morning breakfast and Friday dinner will not be served. Prepackaged food and drink and self serve coffee will be available at the High School.

Packet Pickup on Friday is cancelled. Packets will be distributed at the race starting point. Walkers should pickup their packets and return to their cars.

There is no mass start. Walkers will start at about 10- 15 second intervals to maintain separation. Starting order will be set by your estimated finish time so that faster walkers start first.

The starting times will be:

7 am Marathon & 50 k – Taking the first leg going east on the trail

7:30 am Half Marathon – Proceeding west on the trail

8 am 10 k – Proceeding east on the trail

=========7/10/2020 ==================

A running category for non-elite runners has been added due to the cancellation of many of the running events. We hope that runners in the over 4.5 hour marathon pace will join us and learn more about the many walking styles in a walking event.

=========7/12/2020 ================

Amanda asked ” In the event this gets cancelled due to COVID, would we get our money refunded?”

Yes, there is an option on the registration site to cancel and receive a refund of 95% back to your credit card. Use the Registration History on your profile to edit your registration. Cancelling is one of the options.