Last Minute Updates

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“I was just wondering if you have ever cancelled or rescheduled due to weather.”

No, so far we have never cancelled or delayed the event for weather conditions. Due to the various permits for the event and other logistics we would not postpone to another day.

Crow River 9/19/19

The high river levels on the South Fork of the Crow River are going down. The good news: the waters did not go over the trail. The water is still high in the area of mileposts 26 and 27 but below the trail.

Race Schedule 8/19/19

Race start times are updated: Please also see the Race Schedule page

Marathon & 50 km –  meet at 6:30 am.  Race starts at 7:00 am

Half Marathon  – Meet for bus at 7:00.  Bus leaves High School at 7:30 am.  Race starts in Lester Praire at 8:00 am

10 km  –  Meet at 7: 30 am. Race starts at  8:00 am

Map flyer

9/2/19 This one map overview of all the courses will be available at the event. You may also download and print the overview

USA Track & Field Course Maps

9/2/19 All of our courses are certified for distance by USA Track & Field. The official maps and certifications are posted under the Course 2019 pages