We Walk! Course

The course for the We Walk! Marathon, Half Marathon & 50 km will be on the Dakota Rail Trail. The Trail is west of the Twin Cities, between St Bonifacius and west of New Germany, Minnesota.

See also the 2018 Course Maps page

Water Stop Locations 2018 

The Details:

Our meeting point is at the Mayer Lutheran High School.

Participants  should adjust their clothing for the weather prior to proceeding to the start line near to the local High School.

Participants in the half marathon, marathon and 50k will also be able to check clothing at the first water stop they encounter.

The clothing check is very simple. You bring the extra bib numbers. We provide a clear plastic bag. You put the clothing you want to check into the clear plastic bag, add one of your bib numbers, and tie the bag shut. Give the bag to the volunteer. We transport the bags back to Papa’s Shoe Repair, and you pick them up when you finish.

Do not leave clothing on the ground at the start, at a water stop, or along the trail. If you must, you can leave clothing at any water stop, and we will do something with it. It might end up at Papa’s Shoe Repair by the time you finish, and it might not. But it will not be trash along the trail.

The Dakota Rail Regional Trail is a 10 foot (3 meter) wide asphalt trail built on a no longer used railroad right-of-way. The trail surface is in good condition, providing a smooth walking surface.

You may encounter other users, such as bicyclists, walkers, or runners, on the trail during the event. Please be considerate of the other trail users and give way as warranted by the circumstances. As a shared use event on the trail we want to earn a community reputation for polite and friendly participants.

Because it is built on an old railroad right-of-way, there are no steep hills. A course elevation map will be posted.

There is no camber (side to side slope), making the course easier on the ankles.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be open along the course every several miles. All stations have water, gatorade, &  portable toilets. Even number stops and the finish line will have snacks.

A map and listing of the Aid Stations will be posted in the spring of 2019

50km Walkers

Since you start and finish with the marathoners, somewhere we have to make you walk an additional 7805.012 meters. You will make a turn back on the course for the additional distance just before the marathon finish line.

If you decide to not walk the additional distance to make 50km, that is fine. Just tell the people at the finish line that you did not take the 50km loop. We will change your event.