Course Maps 2018

2018 Course Overview

We walk the same course as in 2018 but our starting point in 2019 is moving to the midpoint in Mayer MN. Updated start/finish and water stop locations will be posted in the spring of 2019.

Course Maps

We Walk Route on Google Earth  – See a fly over zooming detail of the route. This download file requires Google Earth.  The Google Earth app is on iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows.

Below are map images of the We Walk Route. They are numbered from the west at the 2018 half marathon starting line and go east to the 2018 finish line. Detail views of each water stop are also shown. Elevation points are found at the bottom of this page

Course Elevations (ft above sea level)

50 K turn            973
1/2 start, full turn    974
New Germany        997
Union Ave (top of hill down to river)  998
river  bridge            966
Mayer                    987
Quartz Ave            1011
Auto parts               1000
Goose Lake Rd     1016
10 K turn  1004
County road 155     990
start finish               960
It’s almost pancake flat !! Thank you railroad engineers !